How it works?

Allevia helps you from A to Z in the management of your personal finances.

Step 1

A portrait of your current situation

The first step is to analyze your current financial situation. We start by determining your financial goals together, then take a look at your assets (what you own), debts, income and expenses. These four pillars will allow the platform to understand where you stand financially.

Step 2

Personalized advice

Once the platform gets to know you, we can offer you advice tailored to your financial reality. Our platform, assisted by our experts, can recommend ways to save, save money and reduce your debt.

Step 3

Recommended solutions

Allevia is a powerful platform, but it knows its limits. Thanks to our network of partner, we are able to present solutions that may interest you and allow you to accelerate the achievement of your financial goals.

Step 4

Monitor your progress

As your financial situation progresses, Allevia will be your dashboard. We have developed several performance indicators that will allow you to measure the impact of all your efforts.

Your financial coach

Each Allevia user is assigned a financial coach to answer your questions and help you achieve your goals.

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