What is Allevia?

Allevia marries the best of both world:
an advanced online platform and a human-centric professional approach.

Start with why

A financial platform for Mr. and Mrs. Everyone

The vast majority of financial tools are aimed at one class of the population: the rich. No wonder ... what attracts financial planners or banks are the hefty commissions on savings and investments.

But what about the majority of people who go through the stress of the end of the month, people who work hard to pay down their debt and try to get their heads out of the water?

Allevia’s mission is to bring tools, advice and solutions to all those people who would like to regain control of their financial situation.

The platform that we are committed to developing aims to support people in an intuitive and transparent way. We provide tools and support formerly reserved only for the wealthy free of charge.

Our guiding principles


We strongly believe in communicating all the information to you. That's why our solution relies on our online platform. We want you to be able to see it all, and understand it all.

People come first

Before products, services and solutions, what matters most is the person. We don't serve machines nor companies, we focus on the needs of our clients first.


We want you (and not your debt) to lead your life. That's why we invest heavily in educational material and personnalized recommendations so you can build on strong financial grounds.

Our partners

Loans Canada
Pierre Roy & Associés

Our leadership team

Jonathan Roy

Jonathan Roy B. Ing., MBA


At a young age, Jonathan could be found busy building all kinds of projects: a treehouse, a small raft or even an airplane (which never flew very high). He has always been passionate about design and conception and this is what led him to study mechanical engineering at McGill. However, it was during his studies that Jonathan discovered a passion for another creative one: software development.

For more than 10 years, Jonathan has been designing management software for companies in various sectors, particularly the financial sector. At the same time, Jonathan is very interested in everything related to business, finance and economics. This is what led him to enroll in the MBA program at HEC Montreal; program, which he completed with flying colors in September 2021.

Today he is working hard to take up an unpopular challenge: to provide financial tools for people forgotten by the current system. He wants to put his experience in software development and finance to the benefit of the people who are left out by traditional financial advisers.

Marc-André Martel Financial Security Advisor


Marc-André has been organizing events since his teens and has developed various large-scale projects. Despite his young age, he always managed to develop new strategies to finance his projects, he knew how to be successful quickly in the financial planning of his events. From there was born, in 2008, the desire to develop his talent and to follow training as a financial security advisor. After a few years of being mentored in the field, he decided to take the step as an entrepreneur and created his first independent financial service firm.

In 2017, having the desire to offer an even more complete service to his customers, he developed his concept all under one roof, where he created the multidisciplinary complex Les Financiers, bringing together more than a dozen professionals in the field of finance and other related services. Whether starting a business, or for young families just starting out in life, or for those planning their retirement, this way the client can be served in one place by all the professionals they may need.

Since that time, Marc-André has been working to make his expertise accessible to as many people as possible in order to help them improve their personal finances.

Marc-André Martel
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Marc-André Martel